Payment Policy


    Pay with Credit Card is only accepted when we meet you in Indonesia, at our Our head office, or at any cities of your arrival to start the Trips with us. a 4% fees will be charged for master card and Visa Card. And a 6% Fees will charged for American Express Card. Please make an earliest appointment with with us to reconfirm whether if the Credit card services is available or not. Not available for online pay with giving your credit card number to us.
    If The Amount you wish t to Pay is under 1500 USD / Under 1400 Euros, then you can choose to pay us through Paypal. But if the amount is bigger than that, then we would advise to pay us through banking Transfers. Please noted that authority very strict for payment over than 1500 USD, and may will rejected automatically. Payment with paypal will be add an extra cost 4% for Paypal fees.
    International Banking Transfers / Wire Transfers is the most way used to pay the Billing to us. There is a 25 USD / 23 Euros imposed to your billing to be added in the amount you with to pay us. Thus amount (25 USD/24Euro) is banking taxes in our local bank to received any International wire transfers. Our Bank Account Beneficiary is on behalf of Travelmate Indonesia.
    Cash on Arrival is valid only for the Rest of your Payment. Pay before boarding to the boat or pay through our representative office. Payment on arrival in meeting point only acceptable in Rupiah ( IDR ). All Rest Billing will be convert into Rupiah.

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